Great Gift Idea

994820_10151507704381439_879712627_n   Its my best friend’s birthday this Sunday, and I wanted to do something original and special for her. So I decided to blow up this picture above of us onto a canvas. It was really simple, easy, and not too pricey! I’ll show supplies needed and how to do it!

Supplies: 12×12 canvas (or any size you want the picture to be), staple gun, and a picture you want copied and made onto a canvas. IMG_5373IMG_5399   All I did was email a picture from my phone to Kinkos and had them print it out onto a 13×13 canvas. The reason I did an extra square inch is so I could wrap the picture around to staple it onto the back. IMG_5378IMG_5400IMG_5396Wrap it as tight as you can before it is stapled so there are no bubbles. Its easier to do it outside or in bright light so you can make sure the picture matches up with the canvas you are stapling it too.IMG_5401After wrapping the canvas tightly, staple it onto the 12×12 canvas. You can trim the extra white area. IMG_5404And voila! I had my iphone picture printed on a beautiful canvas as a work of art! You can choose any picture or size you want. It can be framed or simply hung by it self.

Hope you try it for yourself! xoxo


2 thoughts on “Great Gift Idea

    • Thanks! It was taken of my friend and me in Antigua. The cost of the canvas and printing the picture at Kinkos together was just under $50. Depending on whether you want a bigger or smaller canvas and picture will change the price.

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