3.1 Phillip Lim

Hey peeps, have you heard the exciting news? 3.1 Phillip Lim is doing a line for Target consisted of 100 items of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. The women’s line will consist of not only fresh florals and bright colors, but will also provide a professional women’s line consisting of working clothes like matching blazer and trousers.

Did I mention that there will be handbags in the collection? I know, its super exciting especially considering most of the bags closely resemble his original line like the Pashli bag and mini version, EXCEPT instead of costing the price of his original bags ($650-$850) they will be around $35!

elle-03-julie-schott-phillip-lim-target-xln-lgnPhillip-lim-target-bagsComing from Phillip Lim himself talking about his collaboration with target, “It was a courtship for five years, and what was exciting to me this time around is that they gave me the opportunity to do lifestyle instead of a capsule collection of dresses or blouses and something that might be diffused. It was the chance to really create a new concept of wardrobe and accessories to address the modern day citizen.

3-1.1-phillip-lim-for-targetHere’s a few of my favorite looks that I’m going to keep an eye out for!

tote-black-40498-018-f-copy tote-castlerock-40500-111-f-copy charmeuse-and-double-ggt-animal-pl-w71-pl-w72-963-f-copy mini-gold-40494-080-f-copy stretch-tailoring-pl-w04-606-f-copy silky-twill-twill-lining-large-animal-sudanbrowncombo-pl-w66-086-f-copy stretch-tailoring-robbia-blue-pl-w61a-310-f-copySo mark September 15 down in your calendar because these pieces are going to disappear fast!

All pictures provide by Target


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