City Look

IMG_6777These pictures are wayyy over due, but better late than never right? The amazing Emily Green captured these poses in downtown Baton Rouge. I love this dress because it is so classic, yet trendy. Black and white will always be two peas in a pod when it comes to color combos, but the checkered pattern adds style to the dress. This dress can be worn day or night if going to a fancy dinner, a play, or out to meetings! Pair it with a colored or leather jacket as I did to add an edge to the overall classic look.

Ps. I can’t help but wear my pointed toe pumps with everything; they bring all my outfits together! I would highly recommend finding a good pump, pointed-toe if you want to be trendsetting, or stay with the classic pump (because its more comfortable and doesn’t cause a million blisters on your feet). IMG_66971


Dress and jacket: Forever 21, shoes: Steve Madden, necklace (borrowed), ring made by Caroline Harmon

Photography by Emily Green


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