Chanel at Rodeo Boutique!

IMG_81141IMG_8054 IMG_8074 IMG_8094IMG_8075 IMG_8086 IMG_8060IMG_8064 IMG_8102 IMG_8065 IMG_8066 IMG_8098IMG_8070 IMG_8091 IMG_8111 IMG_8119 IMG_8108IMG_8056 IMG_8047 IMG_8063 IMG_8043 IMG_8116 IMG_8057

IMG_81251IMG_81341IMG_81291Hey everyone! I had the pleasure of getting my make up done by Saks Fifth Avenue’s Chanel artists at Rodeo Boutique. (Hence the glamour shots above!) What a treat it was! The makeup consultation came with a free sample of their new mascara, and an instruction template on how to apply the certain makeup in what order. They even had gift packages available. Did I mention the champagne and cake balls that I munched on as well? They spoiled me! Who doesn’t like getting someone else to do their makeup while shopping for new Fall clothes. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible for the event tomorrow, November 13! Enjoy the beauty tips while scoping out the new Fall trends at Rodeo Boutique!

Call 225-763-5889 to schedule your makeup session!


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