Leopard in MuMu

IMG_0203-2Monday is here; so to begin your week is a new post! I hope some MuMu can brighten this dreadful day. I am so thrilled to be collaborating with Show Me Your MuMu on Lala Land because the brand is so fun and exciting. You can’t not fall in love with the vibrant prints and styles of the pieces. This top comes in many different colors and patterns that can be found on their website. You’ll see a way to style it for a nighttime look soon!

Ps. Check out their new beach look book; its to die for! I know you are planning a beachy vacation soon or ok dreaming of one, so an item from this line is a must have. Check it out here.
IMG_0210-2IMG_0209-2IMG_0213IMG_0211-2IMG_0232IMG_0225-EditIMG_0215IMG_0205-2Top: Show Me Your MuMu c/0, Jeans: Just USA, Boots: Sam Edelman

Photography by Emily Green


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