White and Stripes

DSC_01381How beautiful is today’s backdrop? Washington Square Park looks like its out of a movie scene in these photos! And I cannot love them more. Today I am featuring a local jewelry maker who is based out of Houston, Texas named Elizabeth Irvine Jewelry. Check out her pieces here! Not only are the line’s jewelry beautiful to wear, they have deep meaning in them. Elizabeth is an award-winning author and jewelry creator who uses her jewelry to educate others on how to bring peace and serenity into their home. The tassel necklace that I am wearing today can be used to help you meditate or bring you comfort and peace. Also, her “collections are all handcrafted with high-quality, semi-precious gemstones, crystals, and raw materials that are timeless and classic.” The beads are so beautiful in person, and its even better to know what they mean! Get one for yourself or a loved one today!

Ps. Keep checking my instagram that will be featuring Elizabeth Irvine Jewelry! You might just see a GIVEAWAY in the near future!

DSC_01591 DSC_01521 DSC_01681 DSC_01491 DSC_01221 DSC_01401 DSC_01711 DSC_01551 DSC_01261DSC_01611 DSC_01421Top: Brandy Melville, Skort: Topshop, Shoes: Lulu’s, Necklace: Elizabeth Irvine Jewelry c/o


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