Game Day with Vertage

IMG_19871Happy Game Day! Today is the second home LSU game, and I wanted to talk Fall and Football season with you. Today, I have styled from Vertage Clothing the perfect Tiger top with a black leather skirt. Today’s post shows a night time look that is cute but still supports our Tigers. By the way, behind me looks like just a grassy field, but I found it fitting to pose in front of the LSU Lakes and Sorority Row! I know all sorority girls will need this outfit and, Vertage has a huge selection of purple and gold to choose from that would be perfect for this semester’s Saturdays. This skirt is available on their website and is a perfect transition into fall because it can be paired with anything even in this hot weather! Its difficult to start wearing fall trends when the weather doesn’t permit, but you can still transition in subtle ways. You will see in upcoming posts how I am beginning to bring out my fall wardrobe!

Ps. I can’t wait to show you some of my favorite fall trends coming! This posts previews two: Fringe and Leather! Soon you will see my favorite fall color!IMG_20001 IMG_19801 IMG_20051 IMG_20021 IMG_20031 IMG_19851 IMG_19961 IMG_19911Top: Vertage Clothing c/o (call 225-761-1170 to order), Skirt: Vertage Clothing c/o, Shoes: Zara, Purse: Old (obsessed with this Tory Burch one)


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