Fringe Kimono + Over the Knee Boots

yAlz4zLHWAFsY5voP-Si2XWuItoegAYo94pLmW9KaVc,Cpli3RrEUY5IOrSF5Mf7A5Z00bVv6RCbVYS5BYVLWiw,YMp2ps57foyV1C6woWmoIFdY3N5_xiTBP495AJZzi1cFinally a new post! Recently, I paired up with a local professional photographer, Kaela Williams, to take new pictures for Lala Land! Let me know how you like the photos! I love how they came out and can’t wait to keep working with her. In this morning’s post, I paired a white flowy dress with my favorite over the knee Sam Edelman boots. I threw on a kimono over it and topped a hat to add more detail to the outfit. Do you ever piece together outfits and keep adding to it then it just works? That is what happened here! I love the boho chic look of the dress paired with the kimono, and then the boots just add a sophistication to it. This also shows you can rewear your favorite clothes and they look completely different…check out how I paired this dress for a summer look and how I paired this kimono with jeans for a different outfit.

Ps. Keep checking Lala Land’s Facebook page and Instagram for a Mary P Lamb Designs Giveaway featuring this Blue Point Necklace I am wearing!

8I2mx7ot6lMykZFvXxbjGgf7Yb2pX9TYpPVnRbpXL28,XuGNQMb3YMOqr_az-83ZF6Lv-q5XcrAaGItcPUFbS4s,dz_8KiKQXgyT8kPdh5i9HIKK0h6YOIkrhr2aLPyTly8 7WuRe1WgYgbPqg7YNiPbNoCIDbyanHxMTtJiBYTzSmQ,Akt3-d20XjLBfUeU_30VOhnDWiI8v2xwZ0DeOYtlS6M nnZ-Z3cUJ01_6uXwDvCyqq3rjXsCwZ6rg6fEueTAhH4,c1baAjgKBCfWzRbULBFF1OLEZZPyoSOFSbA6KeHSRv0,d9Cz0RnQyuC0voKwkS1cynUWHeX-6CySf1z_GBDkgAg J5eHf8K6c-_X8M0QT8lZC5KXV2X6CchkdGGnSnjlkGs,TmoTkLEH281s_jT4FUU-d7CHIsMFdyiDNuDcGs-d5C4 9X-R9Hnf6QoQEP8i08CQJ94m8tlX5I3lhtKrZl6Xi0Y,NxZeVGYzpjzxAxq6lKShFjg-SilKZiQ7s2dJ1c2CWYM,SbcfxUqyG8nB8nA122aImjy2tKi1iAz0ToSbOEoYkGY eBi9qzLzFHaxQUkOOyz-s9CEOR73TGvF2zyHOxySzq8,0PE1LcvMnpXfmeBOlRChWwVyqRrVmrShKnYhTADiqCk -wfKCoOP3BlmJXz-TBiDEJ0txfIRMmzY3S5ItjPD02M,O7CDy-wTMuIZDKWryynfPuD8E3fGDdlLJxtNQefGXrM CGNuu9zNRIVqXCKsXoHNLV2DKUEHtNQRmPp6k0gGS8g,NRFRduqBDKfDszr0MZmZgbYSXQzI9lBwtMhWbYYH0mU ErrOhNl_buWIQtUDq032LQp9g7w4k03Adh_gacCRUPg,FfJa6FHYKoW-ASyt9OprSpDFE4IzI-zZpa24pLaRjLQ,7REQUxkbvB5o8xGau6lqYKA2lvYuFhIqAD56tfMXhbk,_NZV7ODe-4Ajoh_DsqhnIOATcEA5OUF0UE6OMabPBVA Q0sB_45k5tkf3pbngWVm1CxTgsKJYolIYhUYw0_XC_s,0Atlbu-Q334i7ryF4H6ERcJ51DSswF3xzScSC2MV6wE,j5js990uoZCNUPd0yVW62DSPFYhyq58rqKcPx3t2vdc Xw8R1hFNiNAehRmJxqPuzpWmfuDmGRx2-ZXytdjdywo,sS2EYd_X-sWg75zBAs5i4K43BD5xYPfufAdzuRoRgVg,am1rEF4NQ0pQ--ZLiersHigJwexuBqJfQvYJ5u0Zia0,y_n1F7oNV1GcOwZ8ocaIDRd97BVhcfK_oQkYJrCqZPg MOonnieadSNa_i0mwNSyo5y3XppVq_eE1I6cldpec1Y,AkRu0JQvlwQnCxdKKPANut79n7BFqpozFQob_zsSNCw xNVxvZq6uR6wzc1EqOoVOhHdyu1M24bfBScD0sLkFhg,1GVZ3zw6TLNT1hQZvS94fktnPeh6tkhhxodM6IhltygDress & Kimono: Rodeo Boutique, Boots: Sam Edelman, Hat: Genterie Supply Co., Bracelets: Elizabeth Irvine Jewelry c/o, Necklace: Mary P Lamb Designs c/o

Photography by Kaela Rodehorst Williams


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