Two Favorite Brands

7VQ73m8MPjJH22CP_W0znLf96ng8fGLBT8Pr4lJKoAM,8kTcwShvpZzQv_w8ISq5Zu-IBxPgw73o47bm7svMqhALike my fellow fashion bloggers, I am slightly over-obsessed with shopping and getting the newest trends. Two of my favorite clothing brands are NastyGal and Topshop! I could literally live in those stores or sites if that was possible- (since NastyGal is only online)! But really though, I am a Finance major; I should be spending a little less on clothes and putting a little more in savings, but its just so hard when I find something cute that I HAVE TO have every time I look at these brands. Am I right? My boyfriend is probably shaking his head as he reads this. Anyway, when I found the opportunity to pair pieces from both of my favorite brands in one outfit, I jumped on it. I love the low V of the sweater paired with the flare skirt. The overall look was cute yet edgy. I topped it off with my new Tory Burch cross body (ok you caught me my mom’s new cross body) but who’s counting.

xoxo Happy Weekend!

ZL_MVINYJ5EGQ1_iBEwuwDvKaBsOWUI3zUkfJSBXhfU,Xv3lUboGXoPrf0SpfYSm1OHPNbD6hbJSlUv9FOmZvic dnvutiyd2VhRAjOsKjtykQYdg87WrYy-cETlQ5VQ47s,0FwQ1NSbP6UYqpME77MyCQgx1EcJV6_ZHeQoLYMovnY,bd8afaBYuXNkOw7PUhIiz1wX9z3atxhUJ0Y8Jsr24m4 HmojoVlYtk4b4mCy6Vh2mJXLfkEgcPt0GjWryvoaheE,urWQaZCnB7AKdopo6wv85mP8HAdJgjFPfmpc_cj4VdA,kwzNEhWOyrkFAkunW1DPsqpjMN5Ws1AXhESdzfcTLwM Ru09lYetDZU7x1JNEWZYQa6QEOiTC_MHDFheWUWW-oA,c0ESregxifti9MBIQEvsW0DLOhrQUL1rMna2Rr7HgWc VIVQa6laHbtdAn6yDtPmUTJXkimrEtG9fcdB46Ett7o,BSTcX-6_qE8XXtsRwmBDlsV8XrGVv2tg3xzFJmfq_is,kELWdNMdiRmmqFrKsiJUYvcBaSPdtTkTGGtzF2Mft2w f-U3ITrb0DJYxY7C53shx_fILK6qpjesyQ8ItqwXcZQ,j-d-BtXDrXvO6zskdqFeXc2hNicDWUZ0IhptzPqbHPY UEIv8DDAhMwTQzUPUNKO5o6s_bEmPx9XOcQlND4xHsE,jaI5ujOgHZsJ-hUxL1bo9LQDYk1EnVAOC2tBFmVChKQ UDwTY0sP8AMr7bMR2KSSUXNhFC8IgAOlepcgTDR-mIY,ygVf2xykch9GSTCU_cCk_NleJcDmWHZQN4TNFBf6t1Q,orsbERBDd-eF0GKBqW0HWR7gFAIzKOegQ-A9sECqg_Q raBp_lve0p0arw6zwrw9oypberofsI9Ugqi5hO4vGU0Sweater: Nasty Gal, Skirt: Topshop, Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here), Purse: Tory Burch

Photography by Kaela Rodehorst Photography


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