Wearing Plaid

lala_10.15.14_067 Good morning readers! Happy humpday; the week is almost over! In today’s post I am wearing a spin on the traditional plaid shirt. Plaid is really in this fall season so you’ll see a lot of me in it. I have another post coming soon where I am wearing a plaid button down, but today I actually layered a plaid romper with a sweater over it. I love the look of this because 1. it gives the illusion that the plaid are shorts and 2. the sweater is actually two materials sewn together so it looks like a cropped sweater over a top. Well, isn’t that cool? The texture of the sweater is really nice too because it is super stretchy but has a soft feel to it. Do you like?

xoxolala_10.15.14_075 lala_10.15.14_084 lala_10.15.14_080 lala_10.15.14_081 lala_10.15.14_082 lala_10.15.14_068 lala_10.15.14_071 lala_10.15.14_066 lala_10.15.14_079 lala_10.15.14_070 lala_10.15.14_076 lala_10.15.14_074Romper: Rodeo Boutique, Sweater: Nell Couture via Rodeo Boutique, Necklace: Vanessa Mooney, Shoes: Forever 21 (love these)

Photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography


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