Fur Coat + Jean Shorts

lala_11.6.14_021Good Morning on this cold and windy day! For the past couple of days we’ve had freezing, cold weather plus not to mention the uncomfortable winds blowing! I shot this look two weeks ago when it was actually still in the 80’s, but I have had trouble uploading a post so sorry about that! I still wanted to share with you this look for inspiration on our chilly-not too cold days. I styled it in this post wearing a dress and also tucking the dress into jean shorts for a different look. I have another look coming after this post where I style the pink fur coat with jeans!lala_11.6.14_019 lala_11.6.14_013 lala_11.6.14_010 lala_11.6.14_018 lala_11.6.14_007 lala_11.6.14_004 lala_11.6.14_001 lala_11.6.14_016 lala_11.6.14_003 lala_11.6.14_012 lala_11.6.14_015 lala_11.6.14_017Fur Coat: Mink Pink, Dress: Rodeo Boutique, Jean Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Seychelles, Hat: Genterie

Photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography


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