Purple Heart

lala_12.10.14_080 Still don’t know what to wear Christmas morning to open presents? I love this comfy, casual outfit for just that. My family never really dresses up too much for Christmas lunch so I always pair a sweater with booties. I love this particular one because its just like the Wildfox White Label sweaters but much cheaper at Shi Shi Boutique in Lafayette! Also this textured brown and black jacket adds a rugged touch with the ripped sweater! This whole outfit can be ordered by calling 337-984-1118.lala_12.10.14_085 lala_12.10.14_083 lala_12.10.14_087 lala_12.10.14_079 lala_12.10.14_091 lala_12.10.14_082 lala_12.10.14_090 lala_12.10.14_089 lala_12.10.14_078 lala_12.10.14_088 lala_12.10.14_084 lala_12.10.14_093
Entire outfit provided by Shi Shi Boutique in Lafayette.

Photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography

Special thanks to Shi Shi Boutique for sponsoring this post.



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