Rose’ all Day

LALA_6.1.15_029Today I have on my typical suit as always. You know me always dressing up for a day’s work. Just kidding but really, come this Monday I will be wearing nothing but dresses, skirts, and pant suits for the new job! I feel mixed emotions as I am super excited to start being a working woman but sad to say goodbye to everyday grunge and loungewear I claim as my “style.” It was nice knowing you ripped boyfriend jeans. Stay tuned on my instagram: @lalavied and snapchat: @lalavied to see how my first day goes! 
LALA_6.1.15_030 LALA_6.1.15_022 LALA_6.1.15_031 LALA_6.1.15_036 LALA_6.1.15_027 LALA_6.1.15_021 LALA_6.1.15_035 LALA_6.1.15_024Top: Amor Boutique c/o, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Target, Clutch: Chanel, Sunglasses: Quay via Amor Boutique c/o

Photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography

Below are photos I took while in Punta Cana in my new Rose’ graphic tee!IMG_3265 IMG_3250


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