90’s Plaid Coat

©Bicknell-0240Good morning and welcome back to Lala Land! It’s been an interesting couple of months away from the blog, but I am so excited to be back as I missed it incredibly and I hope you did too! I lost sight of why I started this blog in the first place as competition, time, and money became my main focus. I started Lala Land as a mere personal diary to inspire others through my own style. I’ve always said I don’t have a loud voice so I believe my clothes speak for me! That is my main focus and you are the reason I blog. Thank you all for your continued support and I hope you will still follow along.

Anywayyyyyyy, today I have styled this amazing pink plaid coat that from the moment I saw a picture of it, I knew I had to claim it my own. Somehow, there’s always certain special pieces that scream at me in that way. The coat is a wool/polyester blend so I can’t wait to wear it in the upcoming winter months. I styled it today with a quilted navy skirt and creme top. (I kept it simple so the jacket would be the main focus)

©Bicknell-0198 ©Bicknell-0225 ©Bicknell-0242 ©Bicknell-0208 ©Bicknell-0190 ©Bicknell-0237 ©Bicknell-0223Top: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: Laundry by Shelli Segal, Coat: MinkPink via Rodeo Boutique, Booties: Qupid


Spring Jean Trends Part I

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.20.40 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.20.50 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.21.00 AM
Today, I am sharing two parts to my Spring Jean Trend spread that was in this month’s FACE Magazine. I shared pictures above and here is a link to view the magazine directly! You can follow links on where to buy each item you see in the magazine! Here are more photos to how I styled each item.

First spring jean trend I wrote about is the Jean Romper. It’s easy to throw on and the chambray look brings a lighter look than most denim. Pair with sandals or wedges like I did and bright accessories.

The second jean trend you should jump on is the flare jeans! Like I stated in FACE, they are the new “skinny” of the season. Everyone is bringing theirs out so I suggest you getting a pair. Wear them with a flowy top to contrast your shape and your legs will look super long!UB7LYPOe4BwlDkQBE-wLfru1SRJwKfrsXbBwtZlAUzE,4YznMfJtwZ6-uo5YPnZsKFsCZXXKaMNyEwvIVL67JQQ,-zRBB5RlphQOQAGYe3NstKxYJ1eSDcr6AQeB-LcWbSMD6C9s_D3tHafVS75-ELrDiZcXLfQx-5HX07i9dit3HU,GSFjkovdYig1DmfMj-_M2U0fIXGvXbCS1UGYWM_Z-DU,O9rIHbzsS4Ug3wVs2gnXBu-DwrLBAioOMdJ_9pK-xEY ihdXPMCCfgTNP9n_ol1cwPdpAtrpOPz6giGq5QGoBXY,Fe-LX9uKsdJFdPxm7c56yuhUrbFii74qTFvOc4ohCqI,M3AyCiSVAwEEYCdgk-1D_4hS5KTNMFoid7VP18JK6pA G7MJRLgcUf9TI3cYdQLUfM7LeRwnLGelCFyXhdlxnuQ,xt7JWYLJ-Yxp9d_Zr9xTTdWY1xRSFCvQo87XJoBiZTU,6NH-4y-cjyqRX2W554dPYzzdUEt_yvIf7S8KJTJk9uw tgE4uVG6VB1r_IiiKRs16eXZPrxa47Bs_ekW0WGrI7w,_MjSfGnzi08fIVDJUKtmWvut7wOJCHj9UvtU_JfQUQ8,WEgqmaCid3bE-yo8PlVqSzIkII6oCaOWkN0kSaaDkUA,imLTpSS06dG2N0h3qTmf5a_WnPQfMyV91r-_5SYyiYo CGg-Kt9TrIyCTzUjEOoA8cbBy4LvoFPTTQvTu5J3i7g,HPD73D2ypTsjivx3_PoVe0vtoMl6k9B2fDY8zMeVsPU,nPx-8uef8JbYHFnnX9m39aSQ7YNiI1HNPttv73sdHoA rw0CYkIOUs9jbk3ZzlpFnam27RbxRVXR_2gmVNp8d_k,ENZ8SWXn7IsCd4RoJRo8dmrWgzc6AHFLOaBdIRFJEuY,xa01-gi3in33l-gLkqHs84DA2pTvRb34aexOroA0b_U FLgXKEC0ZlhuxRfcKuNA9AlN0Q6lPA1b4Jwx_G4pKhg,BG5lZFFKRkQVii6ACFSAFT7zMpZt3pTjprwwZvrX-tA,hy2aw3Cd_vawrOxgkmcxAQMuL60tfNHS3QJdRex-PG4,Wi---CFda-Zs1GRD6ryl0alvMjQNeMbc7JHkTwF3Xfw yQcv9w-5nbEKpWokOeFimc4SkYPjxKAJlEzfDR3N6bE,2q5ESqzfOWsvx183skkT5XEwM9runzDnZDKjgWyiktI,JyqKRzHf3eb8V3P-zOomT9doen8r3zNWDsXMvDIRQkg 944RXVmA6SmpeqDzIlxNAjltMYfcTb6CKiAF2KF-FRU,_2esLf3q71Oc7fmOygmHILW2bzC-aoUHQxgEoOYzYbk,8w4CoCaGIl7q0iVA8aRImGobZcGx03MoVZXHdq1uJbcOutfit 1 provided by Rodeo Boutique (Call 225-763-5889 to order), Clutch: LoveBirds, Shoes: Free People 

Outfit 2 – Top: Zara, Jeans: The Loft, Bracelets: Elizabeth Irvine Jewelry c/o, Sunglasses: Rodeo Boutique

Photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography