Lace Dress

LALA_6.1.15_048Good Morning! Today, I am still sharing outfits from what I wore in Punta Cana with you. I wore this dress to go to the Coco Bongo nightclub one night which starred dancers and show every few minutes. It was amazing! And I felt sexy yet classy in this lace number. The delicate details made me feel girly and feminine and the low V front and open back is a little more fun! This dress is from an online boutique that recently opened a shop in Lafayette, La. They have super cute one of a kind pieces that fly out of the door! Check them out online here or visit in store soon!LALA_6.1.15_039 LALA_6.1.15_038 LALA_6.1.15_046 LALA_6.1.15_051 LALA_6.1.15_042 LALA_6.1.15_049 LALA_6.1.15_040 LALA_6.1.15_047Dress: Three Little Birds Boutique c/o, Shoes: Seychelles c/o, Hand chain: Elizabeth Irvine Jewelry c/o

Photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography


Graduation Dress

LALA_4.27.15_001Are you still looking for the perfect dress to wear under your cap and gown or to a graduation party? Well this shift, patterned dress from Posh is just perfect for that. I love how sophisticated and classy it looks, but the looseness and tailoring are still very comfortable! Clink the link below to buy!

Ps. Congratulations to all that are graduating! Can’t wait!LALA_4.27.15_008 LALA_4.27.15_004 LALA_4.27.15_002 LALA_4.27.15_006 LALA_4.27.15_009 LALA_4.27.15_007 LALA_4.27.15_010Dress: Posh Boutique , Shoes: Dolce Vita via Posh Boutique (Call 225-757-0300 to order)

Photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography

Special thanks to Posh Boutique for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Pastels for Spring


Spring has sprung! Even thought it is still freezing in some parts of the nation, it has been beautiful here in Louisiana. It’s even been hot on most days; it even inspired me to go run four miles around our campus lakes. (Let me remind you how huge this is; I can’t even run a mile, and yesterday I ran four! Ok maybe I walked/ran, but it still counts!) Anyway, when choosing what to style for Vertage this week, I saw this dress on the rack and knew it was perfect! I love the details in the material and cut of the shoulders. I added a sparkly belt and my bright yellow coat for the cool breezes. Get this dress before it sells out for Spring!

Ps. Yellow is a big trend this Spring season, so if you’re like me you’ll stock up while you can!

LL3 LL13 LL11 LL16 LL18 LL7 LL19 LL6 LL2 LL15 LL9

Dress: Vertage Clothing, Shoes: Steve Madden, Coat: Zara, Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

Photos by Carol Meche

Special thanks to Vertage Clothing for sponsoring this post.

Party Dress

lala_11.20.14_087The day is finally here, Merry Christmas!!! I hope you are all with family and friends sharing joy and presents! Today, I have the perfect New Year’s Eve dress for you from Vertage Clothing. Of you course you need fur with sequins and metallics all paired together to go out with a bang! Get this dress before it sells out online, and turn heads while celebrating your past achievements and new hopes and dreams of 2015!
lala_11.20.14_095 lala_11.20.14_092 lala_11.20.14_097 lala_11.20.14_093 lala_11.20.14_090 lala_11.20.14_094 lala_11.20.14_091 lala_11.20.14_098Dress: Vertage Clothing, Shoes: Zara, Coat: H&M, Clutch: Vintage

Photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography

Special thanks to Vertage Clothing for sponsoring this post.

Fringe Kimono + Over the Knee Boots

yAlz4zLHWAFsY5voP-Si2XWuItoegAYo94pLmW9KaVc,Cpli3RrEUY5IOrSF5Mf7A5Z00bVv6RCbVYS5BYVLWiw,YMp2ps57foyV1C6woWmoIFdY3N5_xiTBP495AJZzi1cFinally a new post! Recently, I paired up with a local professional photographer, Kaela Williams, to take new pictures for Lala Land! Let me know how you like the photos! I love how they came out and can’t wait to keep working with her. In this morning’s post, I paired a white flowy dress with my favorite over the knee Sam Edelman boots. I threw on a kimono over it and topped a hat to add more detail to the outfit. Do you ever piece together outfits and keep adding to it then it just works? That is what happened here! I love the boho chic look of the dress paired with the kimono, and then the boots just add a sophistication to it. This also shows you can rewear your favorite clothes and they look completely different…check out how I paired this dress for a summer look and how I paired this kimono with jeans for a different outfit.

Ps. Keep checking Lala Land’s Facebook page and Instagram for a Mary P Lamb Designs Giveaway featuring this Blue Point Necklace I am wearing!

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Photography by Kaela Rodehorst Williams