Lace Dress

LALA_6.1.15_048Good Morning! Today, I am still sharing outfits from what I wore in Punta Cana with you. I wore this dress to go to the Coco Bongo nightclub one night which starred dancers and show every few minutes. It was amazing! And I felt sexy yet classy in this lace number. The delicate details made me feel girly and feminine and the low V front and open back is a little more fun! This dress is from an online boutique that recently opened a shop in Lafayette, La. They have super cute one of a kind pieces that fly out of the door! Check them out online here or visit in store soon!LALA_6.1.15_039 LALA_6.1.15_038 LALA_6.1.15_046 LALA_6.1.15_051 LALA_6.1.15_042 LALA_6.1.15_049 LALA_6.1.15_040 LALA_6.1.15_047Dress: Three Little Birds Boutique c/o, Shoes: Seychelles c/o, Hand chain: Elizabeth Irvine Jewelry c/o

Photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography


Zig Zag One Piece Swim

IMG_2554Before last season, I always thought one pieces were for mom’s or older women. Child/teen me didn’t think I could pull off a one piece swimsuit because of my age. Boy was I wrong! Now, I feel one piece swimsuits make me feel sexier and accentuate my curves more than two pieces, and they are more comfortable because I am not constantly sucking in! I know swimsuit season can be challenging for most women battling their self-image, but don’t be afraid to try new styles. One pieces like this Baku style from Swimwear Galore would look great on any body shape! And the back has a really low cut so it still shows some skin. I also like the high neck because as I mentioned in my recent spread for Face Magazine, high neck swimsuits are so in right now! Get yours today and be on top of the game! I linked the swimsuit and sunglasses from Swimwear Galore below!IMG_0571 IMG_3807 IMG_2692 IMG_3805 IMG_2531 IMG_0549 IMG_3806Swimsuit: Baku via Swimwear Galore c/o, Sunglasses: Seafolly via Swimwear Galore c/o, Hand chain: Elizabeth Irvine Jewelry c/o

Photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography


Graduation Dress

LALA_4.27.15_001Are you still looking for the perfect dress to wear under your cap and gown or to a graduation party? Well this shift, patterned dress from Posh is just perfect for that. I love how sophisticated and classy it looks, but the looseness and tailoring are still very comfortable! Clink the link below to buy!

Ps. Congratulations to all that are graduating! Can’t wait!LALA_4.27.15_008 LALA_4.27.15_004 LALA_4.27.15_002 LALA_4.27.15_006 LALA_4.27.15_009 LALA_4.27.15_007 LALA_4.27.15_010Dress: Posh Boutique , Shoes: Dolce Vita via Posh Boutique (Call 225-757-0300 to order)

Photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography

Special thanks to Posh Boutique for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Beaded Maxi

EdHX-zkJ_lrbStrwXlDkasimyTvVcWvW_bdoj5OUFD0,14yJLnhXI_p9aixxrkNRfrxVGeHDubhX5mBpChYNt0EAnyone planning a tropical vacation soon? Well, this maxi dress is a must have for your trip. Wear during the day by the pool or to a romantic dinner at night with sandals heels as I styled it. The dress looks amazing on all body types and with a tanned body, it makes you glow! Don’t you agree you NEED it?! 0Ix8Y-eGSqCxujxXEha7pxkuS2Q02zaYGheGs7owoko,LO2FVgIEpi4VLPpXIu_Z3FrogM_VsnxrqtyCuIYZDjk kW1LxmK2MgyTIOXGMqVAb-7JQBEM7Wlgw26LNbh9Ys0,FDbmANA2sFx1YLcWrWXmCAp1Y83Pv2QjWN5k5ahmMFI,Os4dMjfYwZCePYJyQt040AQpPspbYjjdCF49x6TFp2Y FUrI-k881PdrJHxV6zXr6X2B2QVDucf8vkavVM23Cv4,HNDoqjSzGNtgb11vrgmOVKaFZQ9J0qteJ12cp8Whrts,mJVlUbPRevENcAp2YXRq0vi91GVFCg_BVrllpujzMpo yNi6txIufwwtjofIk9ioe7ChYLrIQqFe5_U0jgEg-sY,tRN_Srj7iEVir45JQZuLVTjsz8XZ7xaOZBK3v6XLM3I ZrgyQz4k8gUBtFaEdniQXyhRk5xAZi_Ieu93OUblYJs,aRzj9ngLWxP8oHqdIRxoRzYqwbFqMWuaX-y8ToFUbMQMaxi: Charlie Jade (sold locally at Rodeo Boutique, Call 225-763-5889 to order), Shoes: Zara (similar here), Purse: Ted Baker

All photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography


LALA_3.31.15_1004Pineapples are so in right now. My brother asked me how that is even a thing, and I laughed and just said it just happens. That’s how trends work, and right now pineapples on just about everything including your clothes are “in”. I’m kind of obsessed with these and cactuses right now. I’m sure you’ve seen both items are showing up on all types of clothing, socks, and even jewelry! It’s hilarious but I still find myself gravitating towards purchasing those items. In today’s post I am featuring this beautiful, blue swim suit from L*Space. It’s comfortable and is just the right amount of sexy in my opinion. Click the links below to order yours! It comes in many different colors!

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LALA_3.31.15_1006 LALA_3.31.15_1022 LALA_3.31.15_1001 LALA_3.31.15_1017 LALA_3.31.15_1009 LALA_3.31.15_1002 LALA_3.31.15_1023 LALA_3.31.15_1016 LALA_3.31.15_1018 LALA_3.31.15_1005 LALA_3.31.15_1003 LALA_3.31.15_1011 LALA_3.31.15_1010Swim top and bottoms: L*Space c/o, Tank: Wildfox, Bracelets: Elizabeth Irvine c/0, Hairbands: Haybands c/o, Sunglasses: Rodeo Boutique

Photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography